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Learn how to sell Bitcoins using Bitcoin ATM In Chicago

With growing popularity of digital currency, there are several Bitcoin ATM In Chicago coming up; it helps you buy or sell Bitcoins fast or easy. Buying of Bitcoin is easy, and many individuals are aware of this process. Not many BTM kiosks support selling of Bitcoin, but this article will help you learn the selling of Bitcoin in different places.

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Selling Bitcoins

The most important thing to know before learning the process of selling Bitcoin in Bitcoin ATM In Chicago is that not all machines support two-way operations. There are many types of Bitcoin machines available in the market; only with two-way machines, you can sell Bitcoins. According to a recent data, it was found that almost 40% of the installed Bitcoin ATMs around the world can actually sell Bitcoins. Visit online Bitcoin ATM map and locate Bitcoin ATM machines around your place at ease. Service providers are making things easier for all customers. From online Bitcoin ATM map, you can easily locate places where you can sell Bitcoins. Some special option allows you to get all locations where you can sell Bitcoins, hiding locations where you can buy Bitcoins. Isn’t it easy?

Bitcoin ATM on Livernois in Detroit

Here is the list of Bitcoin ATM In Chicago machines that actually supports selling operation (it is important to know that some operators may disable selling operations on the ATM machine, remember to check with the operator before starting the process):

  • Genesis Coin (this facility is available only with Genesis1and Satoshi2 machines)
  • Robocoin
  • General Bytes (BATMTwo is a one-way machine, make sure the model is BATMTwo)
  • BitAccess

Seeing the demand, some manufacturers are coming up who are supporting sell operation on their machines. However, the models mentioned above or machines represent the majority of installed Bitcoin ATM units around the globe.


Bitcoin ATM on Davidson in Detroit

Most individuals are seen using Bitcoin ATM In Chicago for buying purposes. However, few are looking for selling option too. Before you start selling Bitcoin through these ATM booths some important things need to be considered. Here are the processes that you need to know about Bitcoin:

  • The first step is the verification process (this process can be optional, but before you start selling the operator wants you to identify yourself and accordingly start the process. However, the identification process differs from one system to another machine or even between operators running similar machines)
  • Send Bitcoins to any particular given address using the Bitcoin ATM QR code
  • Based on the settings, user will either get cash out from the machine instantly (maybe it is set for smaller amount), or you will enter the redeem code, and wait for the Bitcoin transaction confirmations (in most cases 1 confirmation is used, but it depends on the operator and the machine you are using, for examples with wallet update with Robocoin ATM booths customers need to wait for several confirmations before getting the cash)

Follow this above mentioned processes to sell any digital currencies using Bitcoin ATM In Chicago.

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