Are you new to Bitcoin? If you are interested in purchasing your first bitcoin from one of our machines and need instructions, we have laid out some easy and basic instructions here for you. Here are some easy 1 to 3 step by step instructions to purchase your bitcoins.

Step One: Get a bitcoin wallet. We recommend downloading the Block Chain E wallet APP in your Apple or Android Mobile Application section.


A bitcoin wallet is a application that stores your bitcoin and is on the bitcoin network. This application can be mobile or on a PC. From your wallet you can send bitcoin and receive bitcoin and it is all stored and kept track in your wallet.  Only you can enter your bitcoin wallet since you have the codes and password to send and receive bitcoin.

You completely control your Bitcoin wallet and it’s important to keep your bitcoin wallet safe and keep your access password safe, secure, and backed up at all times. Every transaction sent to and from your wallet is also seen in the bitcoin network.

Step Two: Bring your smart phone(to scan the QR code in your phone) or know your BTC address to enter in the bitcoin ATM. To get started you need to have an account with us. In order to have an account with us you have to enter your name, number, address and must be 18 years or older to purchase bitcoins. Once you have registered in our ATM you can then log in your account and purchase bitcoin.

Step Three:  Choose “SCAN QR CODE”. Then scan your QR Code option is done by holding your phone in front of the scanner’s red light; hold your phone near the bottom of the keypad.

You generated a paper wallet and want access to your bitcoin.

Step 1: Download a wallet from the application store such as “BlockChain E Wallet”
Step 2: Once you have the Wallet and created a wallet account,
Step 3: When you’re inside the wallet click and then scan the QR code.
Step 4: The coins will automatically appear in your wallet.

Step Four: Insert your Money to receive Bitcoin. When the machine beeps, it is ready for you to begin buying and paying for the  bitcoin. The ATM machines only take Cash so once you are done touch the “Finish” button on the screen and the receipt that prints out has info you need to track the bitcoin. You can also check our wallet and see that the bitcoin has been transferred to your wallet.

All Bitcoin purchase are instant since they are all on the blockchain. Sometimes the network is slow and you might have to wait up to 15-30 minutes to see your bitcoin.

If you are concerned about your bitcoin not being sent, please check your transaction by going to  Enter your wallet address and search for your transaction.

Further Questions?   We are here to help, please email us

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