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BTM Kiosk Profit Estimation from Top Manufacturers

Bitcoin growth is drawing many investors to I.S.U. Bitcoin ATM business. In popular countries, BTM network operators are setting up business with a chain of kiosks in many places. BTM business brings profit, and with growing use of Bitcoins, kiosks are coming up at every prime location. In this article, profit estimation is shared from popular Bitcoin ATM manufacturers.

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Bitaccess Machine

This particular machine was the first Bitaccess ATM installed in the market, and it was successful enough in grabbing the attention of Bitcoin users. As per information shared by the operator, this particular I.S.U. Bitcoin ATM is very active and successful enough in bringing 40 to 50 users every day. It seems to be an overestimation; otherwise, this particular Bitcoin machine generates around $250K in revenue with an estimated average ticket of around $200. These figures are really surprising because there is another Bitcoin ATM machine installed close to it.

Lamassu Survey

In the year 2014, Lamassu Company too came up with I.S.U. Bitcoin ATM survey based on data collected from different locations. As per their fact, all standard locations have a volume of around $20,000 every month, whereas most of the prime locations bring around $40,000-60,000 every month in volume. With average markup rate fixed at 5.5%, the gross profit estimated by the company is around $1,000-$3,000 per machine every month.

I.S.U. Bitcoin ATM

Alongside growing use and adoption rate is also helping Bitcoin ATM turnover to increase with time. For instance, based on information collected from Bitcoin Group HK it was found that they processed 200 BTC in total. For the first 100 BTC, the machine took 5 months’ time, whereas the next 100 BTC was processed in merely 1 months’ time.

With time Bitcoin users are increasing, and if Bitcoin ATM is installed in a prime location, it will grab the attention of users. Location of your Bitcoin ATM is the key, in days to come its turnover will increase considerably.

According to Bittihara which is a Finnish company operating a whole network of Lamassu machines in Finland, one of the machines located at a central railway station in Helsinki is having a turnover of around $32,000 a month. The company also reported that their record as $50,000. The average transaction size is around $150-200 which is quite impressive.

Robocoin Statistics

I.S.U. Bitcoin ATM

Robocoin officials came up with I.S.U. Bitcoin ATM data, on an average their machine makes $26,000 every month in transaction volume. Robocoin machines generate around $1,300 every month in fee revenue and averages around 115 unique transactions. All these figures are reported after the company introduced new Robocoin wallet that led to several operators losing Bitcoin users due to long, time-consuming confirmation process or period. Many operators reported that Bitcoin sell operations dropped significantly after this new wallet system. There is alternative software with few hardware from Lamassu, or General Bytes can be used on same Bitcoin kiosks.

Hope these figures and facts help you in deciding about I.S.U. Bitcoin ATM business possibilities or profitability.

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