Bitcoin ATM Location

Operator’s name:Big Easy Canal St

In today’s time, Bitcoin is one popular digital currency which can be used to buy a variety of goods and services. Bitcoins are similar to any other fiat currencies but it comes along with a range of benefits. Digital currencies are smart and it allows you to make payments over the internet using any latest gadget. In few simple clicks or taps, you can transfer money from one part of the globe to another, in a matter of few seconds. Now that’s something smart in this digital world. What say?

With time several online trading platforms and modes of buying Bitcoin are coming up in the market, BTM machine is one on that list. Bitcoin of America brings for all digital currency users BTM machines in all major cities around the United States, we have covered New Orleans too. 2201 Canal St Bitcoin ATM is one of our recently added BTM machines which is centrally located and gives easy access to Bitcoins. At our 2201 Canal St Bitcoin ATM, you can easily buy digital currencies using any fiat currency of choice.

Our 2201 Canal St Bitcoin ATM is easy to locate. With this BTM kiosk, you can purchase up to $7500 per day. As more businesses around the country started accepting Bitcoins, all our BTM kiosks are getting more transactions. Our 2201 Canal St Bitcoin ATM have sufficient parking arrangement, we are open here 24×7 for easy access. Bitcoin of America understands your need and hence coming up with installations at all proper locations around the city, 2201 Canal St Bitcoin ATM is one such.

When you are using Bitcoin of America BTM machines you are always getting the best exchange rates to buy Bitcoins. We offer all our customers attractive deals, in most cases, we charge little to almost no transaction fees. Bitcoin of America understands your requirements and hence committed to offering safe and affordable buying of digital currencies. Come visit 2201 Canal St Bitcoin ATM for a quality buying experience.


Location: 2201 Canal St., New Orleans, LA, 70114, United States
Opening Hours: 24x7
Phone: 8885025003