Bitcoin ATM Location

Operator’s name: Boost Mobile on MLK DR.

Bitcoin is competitively a new currency which is getting into mainstream markets. There are some parts where this digital currency is being often used, and its unique concept is making it widely popular. Rapid growth of this digital currency is expected to continue and in days to come it will give tough competition to conventional currencies around the world. The benefits and features coming up with this currency make it a good option. This system is designed to work independently from any authority or government making transactions fast and inexpensive.

With time this digital currency is achieving a high level of adoption, many around the world are accessing this currency on day to day basis. This means Bitcoin transactions are spreading at different places and more users are feeling interested in this idea. Top merchants around the world are accepting Bitcoin, and this is one positive sign helping the currency to grow. Seeing present-day trend investing on Bitcoin is worthy, and within quick time it gives you the chance to make a huge profit.

To match the requirement and need there are online exchanges and BTM machines coming up in popular cities around the world. Bitcoin users can make use of these online exchanges or Bitcoin ATM machines to buy or sell Bitcoin using traditional currencies. Apart from that many online merchants are also accepting Bitcoin, enough options available to use digital currencies. This is the right time, start using Bitcoin for regular transactions.

For all Bitcoin users in Indianapolis, we have got some good news for you! Bitcoin of America installed Bitcoin Kiosk in Boost Mobile on MLK DR. store for your fast and easy transactions. Our Bitcoin Kiosk is located at 2862 Dr Martin Luther King Jr and you can buy Bitcoins from our Bitcoin Kiosk every day from 9 AM to 7 PM. Presently with our ATM booths you can buy $1900, 3 times every day. We have arranged sufficient parking space around the Bitcoin Kiosk.

Bitcoin of America is connecting all top cities around the country, so that you can locate our Bitcoin ATM booths easily from online map and carry out transactions anytime at ease.


Location: 2862 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr., Indianapolis, IN, 46208, United States
Opening Hours: Monday through Sunday 9AM-7PM
Phone: 1-888-502-5003