Bitcoin ATM Location

Operator’s name: Circle V Food Market

Bitcoin community is growing fast, and millions around the world are taking an interest in this new concept. In the past few years’ interest for this cryptocurrency spread intensely online, many new services are accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Many top business groups and e-commerce sites are taking Bitcoin as a mode of payment, growing interest among many enthusiasts. Bitcoin payment system is easy, and within few seconds time, you can send money from one part of the globe to another in few simple taps.

In this couple of years’ time, there are many individuals making millions on this currency. What’s more interesting about this digital currency is that more numbers of people are experimenting with Bitcoins every day. Many stores and shops are accepting Bitcoin, in coming days’ time, it will get more acceptances. In Europeans countries, there are car dealers, coffee shops, liquor shops and departmental stores accepting Bitcoin for all day to day transactions. These developments are exciting and grabbing the attention of many digital currency enthusiasts.

In the last few months searches for this digital currency have rocketed and this shows how people are excited about this new concept. This rapid growth of Bitcoin took many by surprise, and this trend is going to continue. In days to come Bitcoin transaction will increase in many places around the globe and this will make this currency a viable alternative to traditional currencies like US Dollars, Euros, etc.

For all Bitcoin users in Ohio, here we come! Bitcoin of America is now available in Ohio and we are making sure you carry out Bitcoin exchanges at ease. Our newly installed Bitcoin ATM machine at Circle V Food Market is fully operational and it gives you the chance to buy Bitcoins anytime between 7 AM to 1 AM. During the mentioned time you can visit our Bitcoin ATM booths and buy up to $1900, 3 times every day.

Being a trusted name in the business we are coming up with all advanced facilities and trying all means to make our mark in all popular cities around the country.

Location: 2124 W Mound St., Columbus, OH, 43223, United States
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday hour 7am-1am
Phone: 1-888-502-5003