Bitcoin ATM Location

Operator’s name: Citgo Gas Station Schoolcraft

Bitcoin is a new concept, and it is successful in creating a buzz all around in this short span of time. There are numerous benefits with this digital money something which is making it widely popular. The most important thing about this concept is that it incurs low transaction fees. Transaction fees or exchange costs are part and parcel of everyday wire transfers, making it tough for common individual. What if you have to pay low transaction fees? Bitcoin makes it possible and it is an ideal solution for all modern-day individuals.

The interesting thing about Bitcoin is that it is not moderated or monitored by any government agency or intermediary institution. Hence the transaction costs are very low unlike transactions made by other traditional currencies. What’s more interesting about Bitcoin is that transactions made by it are fast and reliable. This payment method involves no such complications or typical authorization requirements making it ideal for normal users. Transactions made by Bitcoins are discrete which means it gives you the option of user anonymity.

Bitcoin transactions are similar to purchases made via cash, but the only difference is that these transactions can’t be tracked back. None of the purchases are connected with personal identity making it easy for many individuals. What’s more interesting about Bitcoin address is that none of the two transaction IDs are same. If you want, there is the option to reveal or publish Bitcoin transactions, but most users opt to keep the identity secret.

Bitcoin of America brings for you 24×7 Bitcoin ATM booth at CITGO GAS STATION. We understand the importance of 24×7 services and hence providing all our customers the freedom to access our Bitcoin ATM booths anytime at ease. What’s more interesting about our services is that we are offering higher limits and low fees. Visit our Bitcoin ATM machine at 19841 Schoolcraft in Detroit Michigan and enjoy hassle free exchanges 24×7.

With this Bitcoin Kiosk we are limiting $7500 every day per person. In a very short span of time Bitcoin became popular and we are keeping pace by installing Bitcoin ATM booths in all prime locations around the city.

Location: 19841 Schoolcraft Ave, Detroit, MI, 48223, United States
Opening Hours: 24x7
Phone: 1-888-502-5003