Bitcoin ATM Location

Operator’s name: D and L Liquor Store

Bitcoin is popular online money which is garnering attention in many places around the globe. It is a growing and new virtual currency which comes with several advantages over traditional currencies.  The most important thing about this currency is that it has no taxation. When you are making purchases using euros, dollars and other government fiat currency, a sum needs to be paid to the government as tax. But with Bitcoin, there are no extra taxes, and this makes it ideal to buy expensive items. Bitcoin is considered to be a legal form of tax evasion and considered to be one major advantage for all Bitcoin users.

Often individuals are complaining about tax while buying expensive or luxurious items; Bitcoin makes the process easy. Many individuals are using Bitcoin to purchase luxury items in a foreign land at ease. Some of the heavily taxed items by the government can now be purchased using Bitcoin, something that makes Digital currencies so popular. Another specialty about digital currency is that it is flexible and makes online transactions fast. Bitcoin users get the luxury of buying digital currencies from any part of the globe; make sure you have an internet connection.

Bitcoin gives every individual the option to make a purchase all from the comfort of home or bedroom without taking the pain of traveling to a store or bank to get the work done. All transactions made via Bitcoin are safe and doesn’t require providing personal information. Transactions made using Bitcoin are a lot simpler and hassle-free, use it to experience.

Bitcoin of America is coming up with another Bitcoin ATM booth in Detroit. We understand the need of sufficient number of Bitcoin ATM booths around the city for hassle free access, hence coming up with more number of booths around the city. This particular Bitcoin ATM machine is installed in D and L Liquor Store on 13325 Livernois Avenue, Detroit and we are available from 10 AM to 2 AM every day. We have sufficient parking space outside the store for all users.

Bitcoin of America is offering higher limits for every exchange and this makes us popular in the market. With our Bitcoin ATM booths you can buy up to $1900, 3 times a day.

Location: 13325 Livernois Avenue, Detroit, MI, 48232, United States
Opening Hours: Monday through Sunday 10AM-2AM
Phone: 1-888-502-5003