Bitcoin ATM Location

Operator’s name: Kenwood Liquor Store

Bitcoin is considered to be the next big thing in the financial world, and it comes with wide prospects. Unlike all other currencies, Bitcoin gives you the option to make money by trading, mining, and saving. Digital currencies can be traded on open markets based on its present price. Bitcoin is highly volatile, and its price keeps fluctuating with time. There are numerous online portals where you can carry out exchanges with ease. Demand and craze for bitcoins are seeing many BTM machines coming up in popular cities around the world.

In last few years, the popularity of Bitcoin is growing exponentially among both consumers and merchants. Experts believe that in days to come this digital currency will grow in countries like India, China, and Russia where it is yet to make its mark. Many countries will get hugely benefited because of this new concept. In this age of technology, Bitcoin is a revolution which will make payments fast and easy. With Bitcoins expansion, there are many Bitcoin ATMs, tools and smartphone apps coming up in the market to make exchanges easy.

Slowly with time Bitcoin is reaching every common individual. More and more individuals from around the world are accepting this digital currency, and supporter hopes that one day this currency will be the only alternative to traditional currency. Some major companies around the world have accepted Bitcoin as payment, and this is a big boost. Start using this digital currency for fast and hassle free transaction.

Bitcoin of America introduced a new location at Kenwood Market Liquor store which is located at 9400 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Michigan. With time we are trying all means to cover ore number of places with our Bitcoin ATM machines. All our Bitcoin ATM booths are popular for offering higher limits and prime locations. There are enough parking places available in front of the Kenwood Liquor Store. Visit our Bitcoin ATM and carry out hassle free transactions any time between 7 AM to 2 AM.

With this Bitcoin ATM booth you can buy up to $1900 3 times every day. What’s more exciting about our Bitcoin ATM booth is that all are centrally located and have higher limits making it easy for many users.

Location: 9400 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI, 48202, United States
Opening Hours: Monday through Sunday: 7am-2am Daily
Phone: 1-888-502-5003