Bitcoin ATM Location

Operator’s name: Mc-Guffey Market

Bitcoin is now the most popular digital currency in the world, it’s being used by millions from different countries. Who would have thought Bitcoin will be so popular? Thanks to its whole list of benefits which is making Bitcoin so popular across the world over traditional currencies. Bitcoin is safe from inflation, reason why it’s garnering the attention of millions. Bitcoin can be easily stored using digital currencies, in a few simple clicks you can send it or receive it from any place. Because of its whole new range of benefits Bitcoin has evolved as one preferred digital currency.

Seeing the rise in demand for digital currencies several online exchanges and online kiosks are coming up in the market. Using these kiosks you can trade digital currencies anytime. Bitcoin of America is one reputed BTM operator in the country with several BTM kiosks and online exchange. Most of our BTM kiosks are spread around the country, with the purpose to serve countless digital currency users. Mc-Guffey Market Bitcoin ATM is our newly added machine which is bringing for you hassle-free trading experience. Our purpose is to make trading easy, visit our BTMs you will realize how easy its to buy digital currencies using our kiosks.

Mc-Guffey Market Bitcoin ATM is installed at 1066 E Hudson, Columbus. Bitcoin of America is always making efforts to select prime locations in different cities; Mc-Guffey Market Bitcoin ATM is no different.  Like most of our BTM kiosks, Mc-Guffey Market Bitcoin ATM allows you to trade digital currencies every day 7 AM to 12 AM. Using our newly added Mc-Guffey Market Bitcoin ATM you can withdraw $7500 per day. If you are in Columbus, locate our newly added machine and use it to trade digital currencies, you will enjoy the experience of using our system.

Digital currency users in the country are in search of reliable and reputed BTM kiosks, Bitcoin of America is bringing you the best possible solution. We have over sixty kiosks installed around the country; locate nearby BTM to trade digital currencies. For digital currency users in Columbus, we have Mc-Guffey Market Bitcoin ATM newly added machine, visit our store today and share your buying experience.

Location: 1066 E hudson, Columbus, OH, 43211, USA
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 7 AM -12 AM
Phone: 18885025003