Bitcoin ATM Location

Operator’s name: OLE PAY BITCOIN

Bitcoin is the next big thing in the world of finances, every day its transactions are increasing as top merchants are accepting this new mode of payment. Users can now transact using Bitcoins anywhere and anytime. Bitcoin can be used anonymously to buy merchandise at ease. What’s more exciting about this digital currency is that all internal payments are easy and cheap. Bitcoin is not tied to any country, and it can be used anywhere for buying luxurious items without paying hefty government tax.

Bitcoins are not tied to any rules or regulation. Small businesses from around the world love this new mode, as there are no credit card fees involved. Many individuals are buying Bitcoins for investment and expecting the price to increase in years to come. There are many Bitcoins exchanges available online where you can buy or sell digital currencies at ease. Most of these online exchanges accept all country currencies.

Bitcoin transfer is easy, and within few seconds time, you can send it to any part of the globe in few simple clicks. Transferring of digital currency is fast through computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The whole process is same like digitally sending cash. To help you store bitcoins, digital wallets are coming up in the market. These wallets exist in people computers and cloud. Digital wallet is nothing but a virtual bank account which helps you to store Bitcoin safe.

Bitcoin of America is bringing for digital currency users BTM machines in popular cities around the country. City of Industry California BITCOIN ATM In OLE PAY-BITCOIN is one such location where you can buy digital currencies in few simple steps. This particular BTM machine is located at 17800 Castleton Street Suite 580 City of Industry. Bitcoin users can carry out exchanges on week days from 9 am to 6 pm. With this Bitcoin ATM, you can buy $1900, 3 times every day. We have ensured sufficient parking spaces so that you can park your vehicles at ease.

We at Bitcoin of America trying all means to offer quality service to all digital currency users. With time we are bringing more BTM machines under our network, thereby helping you get easy access. Bitcoin of America BTM machines are brand new offering you easy and fast transaction all the time. Visit our BTM machines and enjoy using Bitcoins for all day to day transactions.

Location: 17800 Castleton Street Suite 580, City of Industry, CA, 91748, United States
Opening Hours: M-F 9am-6pm
Phone: 1-888-502-5003