Bitcoin ATM Location

Operator’s name: Walters Shopping Place

Cryptocurrencies are considered to be the future currency which comes with tremendous potential over traditional exchanges. Its been almost a decade for digital currencies and now its getting acceptance everywhere. Digital currency transactions are increasing every day as more individuals are showing interest in this new technology. Many BTM operators and online trading platforms are coming up in the country to provide easy and fast access to all digital currencies. Trading cryptocurrency is now easy and safe through wide platforms; names like Bitcoin of America are a popular and safe place to trade cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin of America provides both digital currency trading platform and BTM for all crypto users at the United States. We are growing our wide network of BTMs around the country; presently have over 60 machines installed. Walters Shopping Place Bitcoin ATM at 12197 Conant, Hamtramck, MI is our newly added machines. Here at Hamtramck, this is our first machine and we wish to add many more in days to come. Bitcoin of America takes this as a mission to bring more users under cryptocurrencies. We see huge potential in cryptocurrencies and hence want more people to start using it.

Walters Shopping Place Bitcoin ATM is a strategically selected location to serve more Bitcoin users. Our BTM kiosks are known for fast and zero to nominal exchange fees. Bitcoin of America kiosks are getting huge response across the country, our dedication and quality service makes us the best in the business. Our newly added Walters Shopping Place Bitcoin ATM is open all day of the week from 8 AM to 1 AM. Visit our store anytime in-between to buy cryptocurrencies. Presently our kiosk here at Walters Shopping Place supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether.

Being a popular and reputed name in the BTM business Bitcoin of America understands the importance of more BTM booths across different locations. In days to come, we will be coming up with new installations around the country.  Visit our newly added Walters Shopping Place Bitcoin ATM for hassle-free access to digital currencies. Don’t forget to share your buying experience with us!

Location: 12197 Conant, Hamtramck, MI , 48212, USA
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 8:00 am – 1:00 am
Phone: 18885025003